Find out the 9 top reasons why joining the ILBA can benefit you!

1. Expanding Your Network with Those Who are Like-Minded

See those who do similar work not as competition rather as industry experts that share a similar passion and knowledge of the trade. Share challenges, successes, learn best practices and support each other in your field of discipline.

2. Gain Valuable Professional Experience and Learn New Skills

The ILBA is committed to sharing of resources and offering industry training that supports the development of new skills or techniques within the log build environment. Member only events such as conferences, general meetings, seminars and trainings are available and tailored for those just like you! Valuable learning opportunities are provided with Industry experts, keynote speakers and break-out sessions that allow real experiences and knowledge to be shared. As well, other affiliated trainings are listed on our website that you might otherwise not know about.

3. Give Your Reputation a Lift

Share with your peers, customers and prospects that you’re a member of the ILBA. Why? This tells everyone that you have taken your business to another level, are regarded amongst those in the industry, follow and/or meet build standards and are active within your industry.

4. Have a Voice, Be a Voice – Industry Advocate

With changing times, building codes, regulations, etc., be an advocate for the industry that supports you, support it back! Most industries have common issues that effect everyone who operates within them. Have your interests protected and be active in the efforts and be apprised of what is being done on your behalf.

5. Take Charge of Your Career – Make a Name for Yourself

Perhaps you aspire to own your own company, are currently looking for a new career, changing careers or seeking support in your current role. The ILBA supports its members at association events, offering opportunities to network, explore options, learn about interesting roles within the industry, etc. Creating professional relations is important. Make a name for yourself by showing up! Participate in a forum, chat or discussion group. Looking to hire? Post with your association and cast the prospect net further to reach those trained in the industry.

6. Broaden Your Knowledge Base

The ILBA has ample resources; case studies, articles, white papers etc. that are available to members. Joining means you have unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge specific to your industry and trade. Additionally, the ILBA is a source for Scholarships and awards success candidates’ opportunities to broaden their knowledge base in more structured, formal ways.

7. Be Up on Your Industry Trends

It’s often difficult to stay current on all the trends in your industry and those closely affiliated to it. The day-to-day management and work of your business takes president on time devoted to staying abreast of what is happening in your industry. The association endeavors to post relevant information in the ILBA Log Blog. As well, newsletters and other publications are shared as touch point, so you know you’re not getting left behind.

8. Be or Find a Mentor

Newcomer or a seasoned veteran of your trade? For our industry to remain viable, it is important to share knowledge, pass along the passion, expertise and experience. Let the ILBA know of your interests (mentor or mentee) and we will endeavour to pair you with another that is seeking.

9. Association Benefits

Each Industry association has special offers, group buying power, or negotiated discounts established for its members. Contact the ILBA to find out what is offered specifically to your membership level.