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ABATRON- A division of U.C Coatings, LLC

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5501 95th Ave.
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Historic Preservation, Restoration, Stains Sealants and Finishes, Tools and Equipment
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Canada, United States, United Kingdom
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<2 years

About Us

The ABATRON product line includes a full complement of structural repair products for wood, concrete and metal, and more.  We specialize in safe and easy-to-use epoxy products, many of which are GreenGuard Certified.

LiquidWood and WoodEpox have been used for over 40 years to make permanent, cost-effective repairs to wood.  These structural epoxy compounds are continually specified by industry professionals, even for the most challenging wood repairs.  They are also preferred by contractors and homeowners alike due to their ease-of-use, exceptional performance, and their capability to mimic the property of wood once cured.

Our extensive line of concrete repair products includes Abocrete, Aboweld 55-1, and BestBond.  These products, make extremely durable, industrial-strength repairs to concrete and offer solutions for both horizontal and vertical concrete repairs.

In October 2021, U-C Coatings, LLC, located in Buffalo, NY, purchased Abatron, Inc. U-C Coatings is a leader in protection, beautification, and restoration of wood products with an offering of specialty stains, sealants, end coatings, and treatments.  The U-C Coatings portfolio includes the Seal-Once® line of eco-friendly, long lasting, water-based stains and sealers for decking, siding, and other exterior wood applications.  The company also offers Anchorseal® end sealers, and Fence Guard™ stain for Softwood fences.

Abatron Product LineEpoxy Wood FillerPenetrating Wood HardenerSelf leveling concrete patch

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