2020 Log Building Newsletter Advertising Rates

Provide files:

• camera ready

• .jpg or .TIFF format (Mac preferred; PC acceptable) with the appropriate images and

graphics included

• .pdf format acceptable but NOT preferred; no .pub files please

• grayscale images scanned at 300 or higher, .jpg, .jpeg, .PNG or .TIFF format preferred

• color images will be converted to grayscale and enhanced

• e-mail to LBN2@whidbey.com; copy to info@logassociation.org

• if digital file is too large to email, contact the Editor to upload to the Cloud


• black & white photos of medium contrast (lots of grays) work best

• color photos will be converted to grayscale and enhanced

• ads can be typeset for you at additional cost; contact the editor for information; cost

depends on time spent to complete

Contact the office or our editor with questions or concerns:

Mira Steinbrecher, (360)320-0858 or editor@logassociation.or

Jennifer Saunders, (705)616-ILBA or admin@logassociation.org


  • 2 x Half Page Ads Special


    You can have two horizontal or two vertical or one of each – exact details of the order can be discussed with the publisher.

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  • Business Card Size


    (1/8th page)

    3.625″W x 2.312″H

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  • Full Page Ad


    7.5″W x 10″H (no bleeds)

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  • Half Page Horizontal Ad


    7.5″W x 4.475″H

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  • Half Page Vertical Ad


    3.625″W x 10″H

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  • Quarter Page Ad


    3.625″W x 4.875″H

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