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Arbor Vitae Log Craft Inc.

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Montebello, Quebec, Canada
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514 701 5647
Consultants, Handcrafted Log Homes
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10+ years

About Us

The Regenerative Power of Natural Wood

Renewable, Carbon Storing and Health Promoting

“Wood is the only naturally renewable building material. Wood stores carbon and, with the least embodied energy of all major building materials, requires less energy throughout its life cycle… Four different independent studies say the presence of wood was found to have an immediate effect of lowering sympathetic nervous response, akin to reducing stress and anxiety.”

Think Wood

Cutting-Edge Mass Wood Construction

Arbor Vitae Log Craft is pleased to offer the very best in mass wood construction, WITHOUT the use of glues or the addition of petroleum based supplemental insulation. Nür holz, “Only Wood” is just that. The use of Mass Wood elements with its energy efficiency, ease of construction and carbon sequestering abilities make this an ideal choice for your conscientious choice of healthy, eco-responsible housing and commercial structures. Please call for further information.


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ILBA members to receive a 5% product rebate for stain purchased from Jan to December in any given year.  The rebate will be applied to a members account in January the year following and they can use any time in that 12-month period. Contact Mark Dunn @ for more details.

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Log Home Home Store is pleased to offer 10% off of log and timber supplies to ILBA members. Please contact Scotty at to get full details, get your discount codes and get set up for this program. You can also call us at 1-800-827-1688