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Big log house in the mountainside

Doralnic – Log Homes

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Address :
Vatra Dornei, jud. Suceava, Romania
Phone Number :
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0040 753 870 509
General Contractor, Handcrafted Log Homes, Log and Timber Sales, Restoration, Timber Frame Home Builder, Windows and Doors
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<2 years

About Us

We are a young team from Vatra Dornei, Romania, with extensive experience in log home construction, having completed projects both in Romania and abroad. Our skilled craftsmen never compromise on the quality of the wooden homes they build.

Due to over 15 years of close collaboration with owners, architects, and contractors, the Doralnic team became an expert in round log home construction, barn cabins, log homes, and other wooden products. Our design process blends your needs and desires with appropriate architecture and our extensive knowledge and experience to produce a unique home that fits your lifestyle.

Building wooden homes is an art and one of our biggest passions!

Doralnic logo, illustration with a cabin and treesBig log house in the mountainsideInterior cozy log house

Mission Statement

A home represents more than just the physical space where our lives unfold, it means family, security, joy, and fulfilled dreams. With this in mind, our mission is to provide log home construction services for those who want to turn their house into a home.

With every home project, we want to ensure that the design and construction of the home is a pleasant and fulfilling experience for both parties. We understand that building a home is a substantial investment. Throughout this process, we hope to impress our clients with our creative and skilled mastery and not with disappointments or unexpected costs.

Certifications & Memberships

While certifications and diplomas can demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in a particular field, they are not the only measure of a person or company’s expertise and capabilities. In the case of log home construction, a wealth of practical experience and a successful track record can speak just as loudly. With over 15 years of experience in making log homes, the Doralnic team has honed its skills and developed a deep understanding of the art and science of building high-quality wooden homes. This extensive hands-on experience has allowed us to perfect the techniques and deliver consistently exceptional results to our clients. In this sense, the practical experience and successful track record are a testament to our expertise in log home construction.

One of the key ways in which Doralnic continues to learn and grow is through the guidance of industry experts, from the start we studied the works of the extraordinary man B. Allan Mackie, to learn how to build log homes in a professional way. We also regularly study the works of Robert W. Chambers, an accomplished log home builder and author who has written several books and courses on the subject. These resources, along with our hands-on experience, have helped us develop a comprehensive understanding of log home construction and allowed us to stay current on industry best practices and innovations. By incorporating this knowledge into our work, Doralnic team is able to deliver exceptional results for our clients and maintain our position as experts in the field of log home construction.

Brands & Products

At Doralnic, we are dedicated to using only the highest quality materials and brands in our log home construction projects. Some of the brands we frequently work with include Sansin and Woolin, as well as our valued collaborator We believe that by partnering with these trusted and reputable suppliers, we are able to deliver the best possible results for our clients.


Past Projects

Whether your dream is for a modern or traditional log home, or you prefer a Scandinavian design, you will find a variety of log home models in our portfolio.

All models can be adapted to fit the preferences and needs of each client; custom log homes are our specialty. To achieve 100% satisfied customers and results, the log homes are built under the guidance and supervision of the founder, Vaideanu Dorin.

Crangului House
Log house outside
Liviu House
Log house in the mountains
Perta House
Log house, front view

Current Projects

We have projects throughout the year, and each house built reflects the mastery, competence and care of our team, so that each client is satisfied with the final result.

Here are some renders with a current project and some photos with our team working.

Log house render

Log house render, side view

People working with wood outside

Log house corner in construction

Construction site with logs

Career Opportunities

We’re always open to collaboration with other log home specialists. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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