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Naturhaus Lanz

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Address :
Naturhaus Lanz GmbH Gewerbestrasse 8 D-72131 Ofterdingen
Phone Number :
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+49 (0) 7473 3793 843
Handcrafted Log Homes
Service Areas:
Canada, Germany, Worldwide
In Business Since:
ILBA Member For:
5-10 years

About Us

Are you looking for real experts in log house construction? Build on Naturhaus Lanz. Naturhaus Lanz is a medium-sized company based in Ofterdingen, Swabia (Germany). Since 2001, enthusiastic customers have relied on the passion and experience of owner and carpenter Olaf Lanz and his team around the natural material wood.

Whether modern log house, traditional natural log house or a mixture of both: Naturhaus Lanz makes your dream of a fascinating custom-made wooden log house come true. We make sure that you can fulfill your longing for natural living with the scent of the Canadian forests. Of course, individually according to your ideas. If you wish, we will be happy to include interior fittings and roof extensions by our master carpenter’s store, the affiliated carpentry workshop. And of course in the best Swabian craftsmanship. With the Massiv-Holz-Mauer® we can realize your log house 100% out of wood.

Let us convince you of our enthusiasm and our wealth of experience in the field of log houses and natural log houses. The best way is a personal conversation with us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Naturhaus Lanz Team

Naturhaus Lanz Log House building

Mission Statement

Log home builders with all their heart.

When it comes to the construction and interior finishing of your natural log home, we put our hearts into it. Our well-coordinated team of experienced carpenters and joiners will assemble your log house log by log with the highest precision. In addition, we are also happy to take care of the individual interior finishing and roof extension of your dream log house.

In all this we are – without exaggeration – really good. Why? Because we love the natural material wood and log house construction. Experience it yourself!


Quality and sustainability

Your log house – cut from the right wood.

For the quality of your log house, the origin of the wood plays a proverbial supporting role. Naturhaus Lanz relies on high-quality, domestic softwoods and obtains the natural logs primarily from the high altitudes of the Black Forest.
Of course, this uncompromisingly high quality standard applies to all materials that we use for the construction of your log house or natural log house. Thus, as a rule, we build on German and European products.

Member of national & international associations

Our commitment to quality is also reflected in our membership of the International Log Builder’s Association (ILBA) and the Silver Fir Forum, which promotes the cultivation and preservation of this noble conifer in our native forests. Our involvement in these associations enables us to engage in intensive exchange with other experts. Thus, our know-how is constantly growing, from which you or your log house benefit.

Sustainable forest management

As convinced wood enthusiasts, we support sustainable forest management according to international standards. Thus, we attach great importance to buying the wood for your log house or natural log house from certified forests. Because quality and environmental protection go hand in hand at Naturhaus Lanz.

Past Projects

Natural log house (Frauenau/Germany)

It’s nice when expectations are exceeded: Thanks to the all-round expertise of Naturhaus Lanz, the Hofmann couple call their natural log house their own.

Preparation, solid planning and concrete ideas are essential when building a house. They help to avoid many pitfalls and unpleasant surprises. When Margit and Alois Hofmann started to explore the market of natural log builders, the two had already invested a lot of time in planning for their new house.

Expertise, advice and know-how

The search for a suitable partner ended when the Hofmann family went to the Lanz company’s premises to get their own impression of its capabilities. “For me, everything was then actually clear,” Alois Hofmann reports with satisfaction. “We had a look at a few house designs on site and they were of such high quality and excellently executed that the decision was actually already made. The good and detailed advice from company boss Olaf then closed the bag.”


From 3D model to house construction

The Hofmann family left nothing to chance with their dream house, and they soon sat down with Olaf and Joel Lanz to discuss the 3D model created by Margit and Alois: “Based on the model and the floor plans, Joel Lanz conceived a design in natural log construction from Black Forest silver fir in a very short time, which completely convinced us,” Margit recounts enthusiastically. “We could hardly wait for it to get started.”

Everything from a single source

The Hofmanns were well aware of Naturhaus Lanz’s strengths when they chose the construction company. But the fact that their expertise also goes far beyond pure timber construction came as a happy surprise to the couple: “Since the Lanz company not only builds the shell, but also offers numerous other works such as roofing, non-load-bearing partition walls in lightweight construction, floor construction or window installation and even stair, balcony and terrace construction, and then solves these in an outstanding technical manner, we felt that we were in the best of hands all around.”


A growing process

Preparation and planning are important – reacting quickly to change requests and then finding the right solution is priceless. Then you need a construction company that listens, has an open ear for the customer’s wishes and quickly has a suitable proposal: “The perfect and problem-free coordination with Olaf Lanz and his team and above all the fast response time were absolutely great and always led to quick results,” says Alois Hofmann looking back. “We would use the Lanz company again at any time and can only warmly recommend them to every builder.”





Hunting lodge in log style (Au/Austria)

If the way to Canada is too far – you just bring Canada to the Bregenzerwald: Monika and Josef Rüf have fulfilled their dream of a hunting lodge in log house style.

With their building plot, Monika and Josef Rüf had landed a real stroke of luck in the Bregenzerwald. Here, the two wanted to build a hunting lodge from which to indulge in their shared hobby. However, it should not be just any hunting lodge: a log house in Canadian style, was the common dream.

A piece of Canada in the Bregenz Forest

As big Canada fans, Monika and Josef Rüf had long had the big dream of one day owning their own log house. When they finally acquired a beautiful building plot in the Bregenzerwald, the search for a suitable construction company began: “We looked online and among acquaintances and landed relatively quickly at Naturhaus Lanz,” says Monika Rüf. “The online presence was already promising and so we finally made an appointment.”


When like-minded people meet

With their penchant for Canada and the local art of log house construction, the two of them are naturally preaching to the choir at Naturhaus Lanz: “We immediately felt in good hands with Olaf Lanz, because he shares our enthusiasm for Canada and its closeness to nature,” Joesf Rüf reports. “He immediately picked up on our ideas and conceptions and helped us to develop them further.”

Despite wind and weather, things are moving ahead quickly

It’s not only in Canada that the weather can be pretty tough. In the Bregenzerwald, too, the weather can sometimes take you by surprise, and so snow and rain put the Naturhaus Lanz team to the test in February: “Some of the weather was really nasty, but the mood of Olaf Lanz and his team was always cheerful and balanced,” Monika Rüf remembers. “I can only take my hat off to how much heart and passion Olaf and his team put into their jobs.”


Reaching the goal on schedule

Despite all meteorological adversities, all deadlines were met and before the end of the year the log house style hunting lodge was ready. “We are still thrilled today by how diligently, competently and professionally all the work proceeded,” Josef tells us and Monika adds, “Without Naturhaus Lanz, we would probably never have been able to realize the dream of our own log house so quickly and fantastically. We thank you all for it and will recommend you at any time.” That’s good to hear.






Homestory Eppli family

We chose Naturhaus Lanz because our gut feeling was right!

“The realization of my dream home in the form of a natural log house in cooperation with the company Naturhaus Lanz began in an incredible way” reports Florian Eppli. With the intention of obtaining some offers from various natural log house builders, the Eppli family was on the way to a competitor together with the architect. Then his architect called from the back seat: “Hey, look, there builds one a nature trunk house! Come on, let’s take a look.” At first rather averse due to time pressure, this proposal was then agreed to.

“Thank God!!!” says Florian Eppli today. That’s how he discovered the joinery yard of the company Naturhaus Lanz. Enthusiastically, they looked at the house under construction and were immediately blown away by the log dimensions and the double chamfering, which had never been seen before. When asked by his carpenter and site manager whether Florian Eppli should also include this company in the comparison of offers, he simply said: “Well, that one, but then you stop, otherwise you won’t be able to cope.


“Then everything took its course,” Florian Eppli recounts. “The first discussions with the managing director Olaf Lanz were very pleasant and also professional, and the gut feeling (which was very important to me personally for such a large project and life’s work) was immediately right.” Naturhaus Lanz is highly flexible and implemented the project in collaboration with the Eppli family’s architect, carpenter and construction manager, as well as with the Eppli family contributing a wide range of their own services. “This was also a high priority for me personally, as the entire design also came from my own pen. Together with the concentrated competence and know-how of Olaf, which brings the peculiarities of natural log construction, we then realized my childhood dream. My dream was then completed by the fact that the company Naturhaus Lanz also absolutely convinced and inspired me with their carpentry skills,” says Florian Eppli.


Thus, in addition to the living room and natural log house, Naturhaus Lanz also manufactured the staircase from the ground floor to the upper floor, a huge dining room table and two washstands for the bathrooms. The wood for these came from the Eppli family’s garden. “To my complete satisfaction, they transformed the wood from the trees, which were once planted and pulled by my great-great-grandfather himself, into dreamlike pieces of furniture, and made them as unique and one-of-a-kind as the house itself. I could still fill pages here, but in a nutshell I could only say that I could not have realized my life’s dream with any other Naturstammhausaufbirma in even remotely similar great way. Many thanks to the entire team of Naturhaus Lanz!”.




More projects

Here you can see an excerpt of our other projects


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