• 2020 – DIGITAL COPY


    The 2020 edition of the EP&M provides useful information about about building handcrafted (scribe-fit) log homes that can be found nowhere else. The Practices and Methods come from the vast construction experience of the Members of the International Log Builders Association (founded 1974). The Members of the ILBA are log home builders, contractors, designers, & engineers who have (as a group) thousands of years of experience, and are sharing this valuable information in this one book. The EP&M provides guidance to customers and homeowners, professional builders, contractors who assemble and finish log home kits. The EP&M is also a valuable resource for home inspectors and building code officials.

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  • Log Builder Interview Form


    This form is designed to help both builders and workers have more productive job interviews.

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  • Log Shell Contract – Canada


    Contains a set of Word documents for creating a Log Shell contract.

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  • Log Shell Contract – USA


    Contains a set of Word documents for creating a Log Shell contract.

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ILBA Members receive a 10% discount on all publications available through the office, including past issues of Log Building News.  Please contact the ILBA office or call 705-619-4522 for more details.

2015 Effective Practices & Methods – Softcover

22.50 + Shipping

This document describes methods, practices, materials, and techniques for building handcrafted log homes that are made from logs that largely retain their individual and natural shapes. Construction methods include: walls constructed of horizontally-laid logs, with interlocking overlapping notched corners, and with full-scribe-fit long grooves.

“Effective” practices and methods are defined as having proven themselves over time for large numbers of experienced and skilled log home builders. In preparing this publication, the International Log Builders Association (ILBA) has relied upon the experience of the hundreds of ILBA Members, who are log home builders, designers, and engineers. The Effective Practices & Methods (EP&M) provides reliable advice to help you make informed decisions.

A Boy’s Big Book of Jigs

95.00 + Shipping

The International Log Builders’ Association (ILBA) is founded on the premise of SHARING. This collection epitomizes that sentiment, and we shall continue to foster an open, collective attitude, where keeping “trade secrets” only throws us back into the dark ages.

A Boy’s Big Book of Jigs by John Boys  ~ “Working Smarter, Not Harder”. The preparation and use of jigs not only helps reduce the margin of error in working with logs, but given the irregular and “un-dimensioned” nature of the logs we work, especially where repetition is required, we can be assured of consistent results, even in the hands of the newer initiates to our trade. Using jigs makes sense, and by no means diminishes the ‘art’ of logbuilding.

Log Span Tables for Floor Joists, Beams and Roof Support Systems. Softcover

19.95 + Shipping

Log Span Tables for Floor Joists, Beams and Roof Support Systems with ILBA LOG BUILDING STANDARDS for Residential, Handcrafted, Interlocking, Scribe-fit, and Chinked-log Construction

B. Allan Mackie, Norman A. Read, Thomas M. Hahney, International Log Builders’ Association

ILBA Hardcopy Publications are also available to purchase online through Amazon.